Year – 2022

Category – Residential Interiors

Location – Gurugram , India

Enter the heart of our project “Exotica,” a contemporary-styled interior space that speaks subtle luxury. The living room serves as the center point of tranquility and modern elegance. Off-white walls provide a serene backdrop, creating a canvas of understated sophistication. Marble flooring underfoot adds a touch of opulence, a gray sectional sofa, a wooden coffee table, and subtle pops of blue and green unfold in this refined space, elevating the ambiance to a seamless fusion of luxury and contemporary design.

The central space opens into two distinct bedrooms, each an extension of the living room’s tranquil vibes and the user’s set of choices. In the first bedroom, a pastel turquoise bed, white nightstands, a wooden floor with a large window connecting the outside to the inside, and a minimalist dressing area form a serene retreat that whispers a language of sophistication and relaxation.

The second bedroom unfolds as a charismatic contemporary haven. A dark brown bed with a tufted headboard takes center stage, accompanied by a powerful blue theme gracing the bedding and pillows. The ambiance is heightened by a concrete-textured wall niche that seamlessly merges into the design narrative. Brass-handled white wardrobes stand as elegant sentinels, offering both functionality and style. Recessed warm lighting delicately bathes the room, casting a soothing glow, while a wooden floor completes the ensemble, contributing to an overall relaxing feeling.

Sophisticated elegance prevails in the culinary heart of “Exotica” with a white countertop, and patterned gray backsplash. Stainless steel and frosted glass accents amplify the sophistication, and slate green cabinets add to its contemporary touch creating a modern kitchen where aesthetics and utility coalesce seamlessly.

“Exotica,” is a symphony of modern living where each note, each color, and each texture contributes to its sophisticated luxe look.

“Clean Spacious design that alleviates the sophistication of design”