Year – 2022

Category – Residential Design

Location – Delhi, India

Area – 8500 sq. ft.

The Gatsby is a single-family home nestled in the heart of Delhi, providing a tranquil haven amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Rooted in the principles of comfort, excellence, meticulousness, and elegance, this design seeks to provide an efficient use of available space while also reflecting the family’s unique style. The home seamlessly blends the curves, geometric elements, vibrant colors, boldness, and opulence of Art Deco into a modern design concept. Dark, rich hues dominate the interior spaces without compromising their sense of spaciousness.


This five-bedroom home is designed with a focus on spatial and visual fluidity, allowing the eye to move effortlessly from one area to another while optimizing the use of available space. The design prioritizes visual continuity, utilizing walls as opportunities for design rather than as visual barriers.

The façade embodies the same principles. The subtle, layered, curvilinear design breaks away from the rigid lines commonly found in the neighbourhood. The curvatures at the top elevation promote visual flow and cohesion in the overall structure. The majority of natural light enters from the south, the exterior features planters and a double-height green wall, creating a pleasant microenvironment within the home.

The stilt level serves as the initial entry point to the residence, comprising a home office, a servant’s quarters, and an entrance foyer. Authentic cobbled stone flooring here grants it a rustic touch. The entrance foyer also features a staircase that offers a visual connection to the upper floors, smoothly guiding visitors into the living room above.

Dine In The kitchen is thoughtfully designed with an elevated counter on one side, fostering a visual connection between the kitchen and living area while discreetly concealing its utilitarian aspects. It boasts a practical utility zone and a compact secondary kitchen at the rear. In the dining area, bold prints adorn the upholstery, embracing a contemporary Art Deco design language. Tucked within the panelling of the curved wall, the powder bathroom features an elegant gold floral wash basin and a captivating, artistic faucet.

The staircase that traverses the entire house makes a lavish design statement, exuding an abundance of style and luxury. Set against the striking contrast of a bold, solid blue wall and a dark wood panel, the gold-finished MS railings of the staircase gracefully wind around a central light installation as they ascend through the floors, creating a visual feast.

As you step onto the second level, the foyer area offers a picturesque view down into the living room below. This level comprises the master bedroom and the daughter’s bedroom. The master bedroom takes centre stage with its Art Deco-inspired bed featuring an eye-catching Gatsby headboard, nestled amidst captivating patterned wallpaper and a rich colour palette. Meanwhile, the daughter’s bedroom is a vibrant celebration of her affection for pink, incorporating various elements in this hue to create a harmonious and cheerful space.

The top floor is designed as an independent living unit complete with a small pantry and dining area. The pantry features striking black fittings and subtle embedded lights in black and brown, adding an elegant touch to what is typically a utilitarian space. In the living area, a gracefully curved wooden ceiling is complemented by a backlit granite panel just above the sofa, creating a loft-like atmosphere that opens onto a cozy balcony.

The Gatsby project, much like its cinematic counterpart, is a masterfully crafted home that seamlessly combines comfort and luxury while maintaining an efficient layout. It represents a fusion of opulent style, striking elements, and refined architecture—a modern homage to the timeless elegance of Art Deco design.

“A visual symphony of elegance where, where Art Deco opulence meets modern serenity.”