‘Envisage’ is- to visualize, contemplate or conceive – and that precisely is what Envisage enables – visualizing and creating your dream spaces.

Commencing formal operations in 2007, Envisage was formed by two partners – Meena Murthy Kakkar and Vishal Kakkar, graduates of the esteemed School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. As an interior and architecture firm that specializes in Design and Build projects, the firm offers turnkey solutions from conceptual design to execution. During the initial course of the studio’s journey, it was realized the clients preferred design as well as civil services, which now plays a pivotal role in the firm’s functionality providing one-stop solutions for all design requirements.  The team’s wide experience spans across various typologies and has helped expand creative boundaries – the firm elementally focuses on Residential and Institutional design in addition to Corporate and Hospitality design. Based out of Gurugram, India, Envisage enjoys a reputation for architecture and interior design solutions that are varied, comprehensive, and, most importantly, client-focused.

With an effort to make an architectural statement, the firm plays a profound role in giving direction towards residential and learning spaces by designing spaces where the evolution and evaluation of ideas take place. Therefore, every creation aims to integrate a timeless aesthetic with functional design, an objective that has been at the core of the firm’s USP. All the designs successfully walk the tightrope of design thoughtfulness and cost-effectiveness, a combination that has become the studio’s USP.

The studio has designed and executed over 100 projects from conceptualization to completion. Both Vishal and Meena are passionate about bridging the gap between architectural pedagogy and practice and are associated with the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, as faculty members. They regularly engage in industry events, and their work has been widely featured in The Times of India, The Economic Times, Architecture Digest, The Financial Express, The Pioneer, Cosmopolitan, The Quint, and India Today Home, amongst others.

Meena Murthy Kakkar,
Design Head & Partner

Meena Murthy Kakkar is the Design Head at Envisage, an Interior and Architecture firm specializing in Design and Build projects. Meena pursued a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, after which she started her design quest as a Partner at Envisage, along with Vishal Kakkar. Sharing her incredible knowledge with the young aspirants, she has also been teaching Design at SPA, Delhi since 2008.

With her 19 years of design experience, Meena has paved a glorious path for a practice that is embedded with robust design principles and provides comprehensive solutions for all requirements. Her oeuvre is predicated on a strategical and conceptual design vocabulary.

Vishal Kakkar,
Business Head & Partner

Vishal Kakkar, along with Meena Murthy Kakkar, co-founded Envisage in 2007, an Interior and Architecture firm specializing in Design and Build projects, offering turnkey solutions from conceptual design to execution at site. A graduate of the School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, and with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, Vishal began his quest to gain proficiency and experience in the field of architecture immediately post his graduation.

With more than 19 years of experience, Vishal has been instrumental in developing Envisage as a force to reckon with in the field of architecture, interiors, and design and build. He began his career leading project executions and managing multiple projects across typologies such as residential, corporate, and institutional designs.



Offering our services across India, you can locate our offices in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Chennai


  • Understanding client’s requirements
  • Site visit
  • Budget analysis
  • Visual study
  • BOQ and Tendering
  • GFC drawings
  • Specifications
  • Design stages – Civil, Interiors, Furniture, Landscape
  • Supervision
  • Financial analysis
  • Market Visits
  • Completion


  • Tendering process
  • Schedule of work and payment
  • Onsite work Inspection
  • Progress monitoring
  • Sample approval
  • Completion
  • Handover