Chambers, The Mann School

Year – 2022

Category – Institutional Design

Location – Gurugram, India

Biophilic design is synonymous with increasing human cognition through a connection with nature. Envisage’s latest addition to The Mann School project is a brand new chamber for Directors and a lounge. The institutional space improvises on the conventional definition of biophilia with its ‘nature-inspired’ interiors. With a simple program of two cabins opening into a shared lounge, the project’s primary focus is improving productivity and well-being in a decision-making atmosphere.


The shared lounge looks luxurious and spacious, employing a monochromatic and muted palette. Vertically tufted sofas and low nested centre tables convey a varying scale of furniture and create a pleasant flow in the space. Accents of brass in the furniture and the chandelier add an understated elegance that gels well with the warm grey and brown tones. Nature-inspired paintings and large windows bring in the greens from nature shine, essentially calming the mind and stimulating critical thinking.


The principal Director’s cabin is sited towards the right, as a motley of cost-effective materials that form a cohesive visual. The false ceiling and paneling comprise laminates instead of wooden veneers. UPVC window frames and wallpapers are a subtle addition to the room. Sheer roller blinds over the long vertical windows are a great way to incorporate style on a budget. The cabin opens into a courtyard, offering relief from the formal interiors and matching the greenery beyond the building. The space adds personality to its biophilic nature by featuring a large mural of the school’s motto behind the Director’s desk. The mural is hand-painted by a local artist who uses nature as their inspiration in creating masterpieces.


The second director’s cabin lies to the left of the shared lounge. In line with the interior’s language, this room combines budget-friendly styling options that paint a luxurious visual with their finishing and colour palette. A fan of travel, the occupant’s personality manifests through three illustrations of his favourite cities on the wall behind his desk. Acknowledging the outdoors and natural elements through design are recurring themes across the space.


Biophilia constantly evolves and molds its definition around the user’s relationship with nature. Translating this intent into institutional interiors is possible by working in line with the purpose of the space. Art and greenery are used judiciously in the spaces; a direct connection with nature can be a soulful experience in an office as important as this.

“Opulence meets functionality in a Biophilia embraced institutional setting”