Year – 2023

Category – Residential Design

Location – Banglore, India

Area – 7000 sq. ft.

Exploring and incorporating traditional arts and crafts from the remote corners of India shaped the unique narrative of this traditional Indian Styled Home. Faced with the challenge of seamlessly integrating diverse crafts, we embarked on a quest to discover and celebrate the rich heritage of our client’s cultural roots.


The first stop was Channapatna, known for its eco-friendly toys. Delving into the intricate process behind crafting these toys, we utilized them to create a stunning partition. The journey continued with a nod to the client’s Tamilian heritage, bringing in the Guruvayur school of painting through a magnificent Ganesha mural in the foyer, skilfully crafted by the renowned local artist Suresh W.


Acknowledging the importance of sustainability beyond materials, the concept of preserving and passing down cherished heirlooms was embraced. The vintage wall we designed showcased a myriad of treasures, from a 200-year-old veena to a 700-year-old manuscript, highlighting the beauty and stories behind each artifact.


Reuse played a pivotal role in our approach, where beds, tables, and Chettinad pillars sourced from Karaikudi junkyards were given a new life through creative transformations. The Athangudi flooring, a dying craft from Tamil Nadu, not only added vibrant patterns but also exemplified sustainability, being handmade, sun-dried, and polished using rice husk.

In essence, Kaivinai stands as a testament to the ethos of understanding and embracing our cultural heritage. The project is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing the beauty of what we already possess and the importance of passing it on to the next generation.

“An ode to the timeless beauty of passing on vintage treasures, elegantly woven into the fabric of interior spaces ”