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The advent of Diwali marks days full of special preparations and arrangements. Social gatherings, parties, hosting guests and relatives, and, of course, a collection of delicious snacks- are all highlights of the festival and one’s excitement and enthusiasm has no end. Along with people, the house must also be prepared for all the festivities and requite with the season’s activities. The happiness of our nation’s festivals is felt not only through gifts, sweets and new clothes but also through our body’s reciprocation to the celebration. 


We live through the five senses of our body and thus celebrate through them too! Therefore, the house’s decor should be such that it responds and relates to every sense- smell, sight, touch, taste and sound. Here are a few tips that can help you ready your house whilst engaging all the five senses- 


  1. Smell- A soothing experience for one’s nose is Aromatherapy. It is a fantastic way to enhance mental and emotional health which can be attained with lighting incense sticks,essential oil, scented candles, and home planted flowers like jasmine and marigold. Potpourri- a beautiful mix of dried petals, herbs and essential oils is another easy and natural way of adding aroma to your home. 
  2. Sight- A treat to the eyes are the charming lights and diyas of the season. Various lights such as pendant lights, fairy lights, and special ones made for Diwali can accommodate different house areas. Balconies are one of the most common spaces that get lit up on diwali. The magical glimmering of tiny diya flames and lanterns are an icon of Diwali and having them indoors and outdoors in gardens and balconies adds to the festive season’s aura. 
  3. Touch- Upholstery is sensed and touched the most while walking, sitting or even simply moving around. Thus revamping them for festive occasions can completely change the look of the house. The use of vibrant colours on curtains and carpets immediately adds a celebratory vibe. A whole new set of textures can temporarily be added to curtains and couches by simply covering them with traditional sarees or sheets of fabrics. 
  4. Taste- Delicious food and sweets are the highlights of Diwali. Making various food items for one’s family , friends and neighbourhoods is an exhausting yet rewarding task. One can go healthy and organic with sweets, making them low sugar and oil whilst retaining the taste. 
  5. Sound- Fireworks are harmful to the environment and humans and animals, especially the ones with no shelter. Instead, soothing sounds can be brought into the house with subtle chanting boxes and windchimes. One can also get the sound of the sea through stacks of seashells hung in various parts of the house.


The festival’s positivity to one’s home during Diwali is an amalgamation of various emotions coming together- nostalgia from all the childhood memories, reuniting with extended families, and cherishing moments with our loved ones. So this Diwali, let’s celebrate responsibly- Buy from local artists, go green and healthy and practise sustainable celebrations around the season. Envisage wishes our readers a very Happy Diwali!