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Envisage Projects

The definition of modern homes has continued to evolve over time. The transition from heavily ornamental interior design and home decor to minimal, smart homes has been remarkable. This swift move towards a truly modern interpretation of a home, which is self-sufficient, easy to maintain and hassle-free, has not happened overnight. Today, designers are focussed on making the post-occupancy experience  refreshing and enjoyable. 


At Envisage, we believe that the critical formula for decluttering is to maximise the provision for each activity in the house. The purpose of homes has drastically changed due to the pandemic, and so have the functions. Here are a few tips on how to purge your house, even when decluttering may seem like a challenging task- 


  1. Storage within homes needs to be sensitively and specifically designed to accommodate the requisite needs. Storage solutions need not always be noticeable. Focus on creating inconspicuous storage camouflaged in plain sight, while serving various functional needs such as seating or decor. The multiplicity of usage combined with discerning ways to optimise each nook and corner of contemporary homes embodies the spirit of decluttering in the modern home.    
  2. The pandemic has changed the dynamic of the spatial configuration of homes today. With homes being occupied with all family members through the day and being used to the fullest, spatial needs are seen evolving rapidly to support this new normal. There is a growing need for finishes and surfaces that can sustain continued usage over time and are easy to maintain. 
  3. Minimal decor and furniture create spaces for diverse activities, such as exercising and play areas for kids or pets, which have now moved indoors post-pandemic. Today’s trend is to develop self-sufficient homes in order to contain energies and support multiple activities, while ensuring the longevity of the products. 
  4. With all family members away at work and limited leisure time on their hands, cleaning becomes an overbearing chore. Robot vacuums in the house can rid homeowners of the added responsibility of keeping their homes in order. 
  5. An optimal space helps the occupants function efficiently and with ease. Keeping track of items used regularly and occasionally can help optimise storage spaces and keep daily use spaces free of obstructions.
  6. Putting things in designated places helps save time consumed to look for the items in disarray. For one’s peace of mind, decluttered spaces with curated storage solutions specific to each product category make living worthwhile. 


Envisage is committed to creating homes that are easy to clean and maintain, reducing dependency on external help and nurturing spaces that cater to the needs of every family member.