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From cane elements to fabrics in interiors, vintage decor has made a dramatic comeback. The effect that it gives to your decor can bring in an aura that is regal whilst balancing the earthiness of the home. With the trend coming back to the design industry and interests of clients, here are a few tips that one can follow to give the house a vintage vibe- 


While opting for a vintage ambience, one must consider two critical factors- Geographical and periodic settings. A vintage vibe can be attained by gathering elements from the local culture of a place, even with a highlight of contemporary flavour. The interiors of a house can be vintage even by using a component of decor threading through the house. One can choose to keep the decor minimal whilst adding molding, unique door frames, brass elements and a set of artefacts all through the house. 


Designers can focus on wall finishes, furniture, flooring, artwork, and decor to establish a periodic look. Choosing rustic wall finishes, furnishings with a colonial epoch, walnut wood flooring, and heirloom items for decor can all fit together to attain a good vintage vibe. The use of traditional Indian art forms like Pichwai or Kalamkari adds to the desired decor and encourages Indian artists. Another way of adding a vintage vibe is the use of textiles. Local textiles used in upholstery or curtains or even as framed artwork on walls can bring an antiquated effect to the decor. 


Lastly, roofs of heirloom houses have a tremendous effect on the style of interiors of the house. This is also one of the reasons why people choose to go for a more traditional look as opposed to a contemporary one. The influence of colonialism in these houses is hugely evident, which becomes a start in idealising the house’s decor. A balance of all these elements can lead to timeless interior design.