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Envisage Projects

Architects are service providers and serve the purpose of realizing their client’s design dreams and visions. When people hire architects and interior designers, they enumerate their diverse spatial needs to be articulated physically. Architects use their training and experience to reduce the crux of their client’s requirements into a practical and feasible design solution within a reasonable budget. The interdependencies between the client’s and architect’s thought processes and its balanced alignment are what results in sound design. 


Good architecture is most certainly user-centric. Design and form-making are not merely visual experiences; they are inhabited by people who seek to fulfil functional and aspirational needs. Architects are often equipped to gauge how the client’s inclination lies with the building in discussion during meetings with clients. A client’s vision sets the tone for the overarching concept of the built form that the architect then directs into reality. Clients have varied approaches towards their projects; some are intrinsically dedicated to the user group, and some fail to understand the needs of occupants of the building. In the trifecta of the client, user and architect, the user is assigned the highest priority, whereas both client and architect are subservient to the user’s comfort and wellbeing. Misdirected visions of the client combined with uninspired execution by the architect will not result in articulate spatial expressions. An architect can only guide the technical forces involved in executing a structure but can do little or nothing to persuade a client’s vision. The client’s right resources are beyond shelling out abundant resources but puts it to good use. 


A building is not merely composed of columns and beams; it embodies the spirit of the purpose it is built to serve. Like the case of a school; the students, parents and teachers and their needs should guide design and it is a necessity for the owner of the school commissioning the project to be apprised of the same. It is not the availability of resources that matter; architects enjoy the process of design when they get a sense of the client’s magnanimous vision. Clients who wish to hire architects should be in sync with the needs of the user group. Architects want to cater to the inclusive needs of employees for an office, students and parents for a school and all family members for a home. Best designs stem from the empathy that is shared between the client and the user vis-a-vis an architect and the client. Every successful architect is backed by the faith that the clients bear in their skills and their vision.