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Every space in your house speaks to your design sensibility while being functional and welcoming. Passages, corridors, and hallways are transitional spaces between rooms and vital areas defining circulation. It is essential that these spaces, like every other room, tell a story and equally define the house’s design language. Take a look at some ideas that can spruce up your passages and hallways. 


  1. Lighting- Your passages can, at times, be extended and linear. In apartments of housing societies, these corridors will be devoid of windows. Hence it is necessary to have them lit up. Based on the function of the passage, the mood of the lighting will evolve. The lighting should feel warm and welcoming if it is at the entrance. A Series of light fixtures on the linear wall can create uniform light distribution whilst forming a warm glow. On the other hand, for voluminous passages, statement fixtures in the form of chandeliers or pendants can accentuate the height and light the space up.  
  2. Furniture- purpose furniture like show consoles or benches can proportionately be placed in the passage. This way, one can optimise space cautiously and enhance the fundamental value of the passages and corridors. 
  3. Artwork- Long blank walls create a feeling of emptiness, especially in narrow corridors. These can be avoided by adding some paintings in the form of frames or murals on these walls. Wall murals give a personal touch to the house’s decor. They can reflect culture, tradition or simply design inclinations of the users. 
  4. Add some greens- Indoor plants add a whole new definition to the house’s atmosphere. They not only fill the space with freshness but also impact the health of its user. For corridors that lack windows, indoor plants make for the best replacement to a connection with outdoors. 
  5. Keep it minimal- Corridors or hallways are generally narrow spaces or small spaces. If you bombard them with multiple elements, they will get claustrophobic. Hence following the lighting and ventilation standards, one can enhance their corridors with either furniture, artwork, planters, murals, frames, bold colours, mirrors or wallpapers. A balance of decor elements keeps the purpose of the space while accentuating neglected yet accentuated areas.