the flair house

Year – 2023

Category – Residential Design

Location – Gurugram , India

The words contemporary and modern are often used interchangeably, but a modern interior focuses more on functionality and avoids ornamentation, whereas contemporary isn’t bound by any rules; it could be a blend of various styles or even something new.

The Flair House is one such instance of #contemporaryarchitecture. The core design of the Flair House revolves around European opulence; the primary color scheme includes neutrals like grey, greige, black, and white. The walls are adorned with a gentle textured finish, strategically crafted to diffuse light and offer a subtle biophilic feel.

Living Room

Diagonally placed rich walnut wood panels complement the subtlety of the muted greige Italian stone floor, sofas, and walls and create a sense of luxe and warmth. The use of geometric shapes and patterns in lighting fixtures, textiles, artwork, and accessories adds character to the space and reflects the owner’s personality.

The curtains followed by heavy drapery and scantily used glossiness in mirror walls, metal screen, and beige chandelier leaves an impression of high-end luxury.

The living spaces are designed for both adults and kids to enjoy together. The dining area, accompanied by an elegant brass metal screen acts as a subtle partition to the family area, ensuring family enjoyment is uninterrupted. Square cutouts of varying width in the off-white ceiling add an element of playfulness to the living room.

The wooden bar shelf, accented with a pop of teal, sits placidly at the edge of the living room, seamlessly merging into it, ready-for-any-party-occasion.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a classic example of European luxury. The grey textured wall adorned by off-white moldings and shiny golden accents in lighting fixtures and accessories harmonizes perfectly with wooden laminate flooring, doors, nightstand, and the sleek table. Full-height windows allow for ample daylight and a connection outdoors. The slat finishes add an element of visual interest while blue bedding and heavy drapery make it elegantly complete.

Bedroom 1

Wooden textures spill over different colors and lengths in this room, merging seamlessly with off-white walls, giving it a calm refreshing vibe.

Inspired by water droplet movements, the velvet gray upholstered bed wall includes white strips tracing the contours in a straight line, achieving varied heights, imparting a natural vibe. Whereas, the wooden floating desk and open shelving contribute to a sense of space and openness, while strategically placed artwork and unique lighting fixtures add an element of visual interest.

Bedroom 2

A striking contrast of blues with gray textures and off-white slat wall makes this teen-boy bedroom an energetic yet calm space for a cozy retreat. The bed is positioned right beside the window, allowing the morning sun to flow in and bathe the space in natural light for a gentle wake-up experience.

Bedroom 3

Slender round slat panels make a perfect backdrop for this bedroom featuring mauve accents in bedding and drapery. Wooden flooring and grey laminate seamlessly merge into the bedroom.

Even with European opulence at its base, each of the spaces have their own identity, reflecting the owner’s personality, yet they seamlessly coalesce to bring forth this contemporary luxe.

“ Marrying European opulence with contemporary flair, to reflect the owner's personality in a seamless, luxurious way”