the mini office

Year – 2023

Category – Office Design

Location – Gurugram , India

Area – 1200 sq. ft.

Situated in the prime real estate sector of Gurgaon, this boutique office reflects not just our design expertise but also our passion for pushing boundaries.

Breaking away from the straight line norms in contemporary offices, The Mini Office introduces a captivating interplay of arches, strategically placed to infuse a formal setting with elegance. Whether outlined in sleek black aluminum or seamlessly integrated into the walls as thoughtful niches, these arches are a testament to our commitment to innovative design solutions.

Confronted with the challenge of a small floor plate, we saw it as an opportunity for creativity and clever design. Further, we successfully navigated the layout challenges posed by two substantial columns, which made the space look even smaller. Instead of obstacles, these columns became strategic dividers, ensuring minimal disruption to the visual and physical flow of the space. Glass was used to enhance visual connections, creating a seamless flow and not hindering the privacy of places that demanded it.

Our carefully curated luxury mood board, inspired partially by an industrial theme, sets the tone for the space. Monochrome color schemes make the space look bigger, and Italian and wooden flooring give it the luxury definition within a limited footprint. The selection of artwork, rugs, and decor lighting adds a touch of sophistication, creating a unique and captivating work environment. The Mini Office is more than just a workspace; it’s a canvas of our commitment to exceptional quality standards.

“Unveiling opulence in compact confines, effortlessly elevating the allure of a small office space with a touch of luxury”