Year – 2023

Category – Corporate Interiors

Location – Gurugram, India

Area – 3000 sq. ft.

The 3000 sqft law office inside a high-rise complex in Gurugram is a redefinition of vintage interiors with luxe detailing. The office is designed for Chadha & Chadha, which is an Intellectual Property Law Organisation with offices in different parts of India. The interiors are therefore designed to express contemporariness through its material, colour and lighting choices.


As one walks towards the office, a well-treated linear elevation with classic detailing, art pieces, and planters connects with the plush interiors. At the entrance is a nature-themed monochrome wallpaper accentuated by brass detailing and lighting. To segregate the formal and informal areas, the office layout accommodates workstations and cabins on one side, with the visitor’s lounge and waiting area on the other. Along with the segregated layout, a visually connected space is essential to reflect a sense of transparency and lightness throughout the office. Therefore, the partitions and materials used include sheer curtains, metal frames and handcrafted rafter partitions.


The contemporary European theme of the office is a careful amalgamation of vintage and modern styles brought live through neutral shades, classic detailing and gold accents. The subtle application of wood with brass and gold detailing adds to the overall theme, along with muted flooring materials such as Italian stone in public areas and a combination of tiles and carpet flooring in all other spaces.


The left wing of the law firm comprises forty-six workstations, eight attorney’s desks, two cabins, a private phone booth, a multi-purpose room, a pantry, and breakout spaces. The multi-purpose room adjacent to the reception can be conveniently converted into a meeting room using the bi-fold wooden doors and otherwise be used as a private cabin. Also, as the workstations mainly occupy the office, effective design strategies such as plain floor tiles complementing exposed ceilings and a panelled mirror at the rear side of the office make the space appear much larger than its actual area. Further, these exposed ceilings contrast the plain white false ceilings in other rooms, giving an interesting industrial look that makes the workspace more exciting.


The lounge room on the other end of the office is intricately designed with bespoke furniture, lights and accessories to feel like a luxurious recess room or library, where one could feel relaxed compared to conventional law offices. The larger conference room, close to the visitor’s lounge, allows for seamless discussions and meetings throughout the day between officials and clients and internal discussions.


This Law Office is a luxurious interior project that breaks apart from the stereotypical design strategies and aesthetics of a conventional law firm, while attempting to represent the global scale and presence. The classic yet modern details seen in the interiors largely redefine luxury vintage.

“Luxurious office interiors that breaks apart from the stereotypical design strategies and aesthetics of a conventional law firm ”