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Small scale offices have risen to an increasing demand in the current times. The advent of the pandemic, the sudden growth in small businesses and the boom in startups have all made the need for small offices evident. With a perceptive approach towards designing small offices, one can optimise the available area for the office to accommodate the nature of one’s business whilst maintaining norms of social distancing. By focusing broadly on essential aspects like the shape of the office, use of appropriate materials and organisation of MEP works, small scale offices can serve their purpose just right. 


  1. The shape of the spaces should be such that they don’t lead to creating claustrophobic atmospheres. The pandemic has implemented a fear of being in a box, leading to excessive use of partitions. This can be avoided by designing commodious spaces with forms and shapes that implement physical and mental comfort. 
  2. Partitions should be such that they demarcate the division of areas whilst visually connecting spaces.
  3.  For relatively less wide offices, offices can opt for a curvilinear plan, while wider offices can have an angular form. A curvilinear form visually takes the eye to a longer axis instead of straight lines, making the space look visually more prominent. This gives scope for more options and flexibility for designing the required spaces. 
  4. Angular forms in terms of partitions and walls also work adequately. The narrow tapering ends in trapezoidal rooms help save space and utilise the corners for other miscellaneous spaces like pantries, printer rooms etc. 
  5. Adding UV filters to central AC’s keeps the air healthy. Substituting regular fans with tower fans is a healthy way of circulating air in the room without adverse effects on one’s health. Abundant use of indoor plants is a must to keep the air hale and is a visual relaxation.


With changing times and perpetual fear of the pandemic, designers should propose curated design solutions that are flexible, adaptable and customisable.