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As published in Design Dekko, we feel architects and designers will have to uncover new approaches and techniques to bring in innovation within the design industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives socially, emotionally and of course, economically. New habits such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks and maintaining hygiene have become the new normal.

For many of us, our homes in the foreseeable future will become our workplace, gymnasium, and social hubs. Keeping in mind that most individuals are self-isolating at home, it is perhaps for the first time that they are able to experience a heartfelt connection with their immediate space. With the increasing amount of time that’s spent indoors, several families are re-looking at the home designs with an intent to make it more comfortable and safe. In these challenging and uncertain times, architects, as well as designers, will have to uncover new approaches and techniques to bring in innovation within the design industry. New design and build methodologies will have to be incorporated to stay relevant in today’s day and age.

Homeowners are now looking to create multiple dedicated spaces such as a study area, home office, work-out zone, and family area that provide for the beyond the 12-hour routine with limited social outings. In order to be more productive, people are opting for ergonomic office chairs and furniture design. It is advisable to choose furniture according to comfort, and this may include investing in a plushy padded armchair in case you are spending a lot of time reading. Additionally, effective and efficient lighting needs to be implemented in home design to facilitate health and well-being. Moreover, the importance of clean and efficient interior design in apartments for a homeowner will now see a rise in demand. Some of the other trends that the industry will witness will include open spaces such as bigger balconies, terrace gardens and front lawns for recreational purposes, that will provide for the much-needed connect with the outdoors.

Today’s new normal is a lot about staying at home, spending more time with family, and cultivating hobbies. As a result, designing home interior spaces will focus on privacy and areas for relaxation. By including objects of sentimental value in designs or creating artwork that is imbibed in the spaces, one can achieve a sense of well-being and unique identity inside their home.

In today’s world, utmost importance will continue to be given to hygiene. Interior fit-outs such as contactless faucets are going to be installed in smart bathrooms, especially in public spaces and germ-resistant materials for flooring and surfaces will be applied in kitchens and bathrooms. More air purifiers and filtration systems will be installed in condominiums. Ultraviolet lamps used to kill bacteria and viruses is an innovation that will eventually be utilised at homes too. The concept of the mudroom will soon be the new norm to ensure everybody entering a home must sanitise themselves and their purchases before getting into the house.

Individuals will also opt to install Smart Technology inside their homes to create a more sustainable environment. In the near future, voice control is likely to become a hands-free necessity to ensure contactless opening of doors and contactless operations of other devices.

To sum up, interior styling for dedicated spaces will be replaced by a requirement for a high degree of adaptability in all the spaces inside a home. As a solution, these cater to the changing needs of occupants residing at home for extended periods.