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As published in India Today, the primary job of an institution is to respond, support, educate and evaluate the community it is a part of. There are three environmental elements—physical, social and economic—that have an immediate impact. Urban design is a macro-level outlook incorporating these multiple factors. Buildings must not make people sick, cause discomfort or inhibit the ability to perform. The problem multiplies in case of air-conditioned schools. If the fresh air inlet isn’t monitored, germs get circulated indoors causing a quick spread of any contagious or air-borne illness.

The adaptations need to be multi-level. Reopening schools in phases should be of prime importance, with, maybe, senior classes getting first preference. This would give the school some time to smooth out initial hiccups. “It’s important that we are not wasteful in these times and choose to reuse or adapt the resources at hand efficiently to come up with solutions. Creating more carbon footprint should be the last option.