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We’re living in unprecedented times. On this arduous road to recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the first facilities that need to get fully operational are office spaces. Solutions by design and build companies and top architecture firms in India are being widely shared across the country in a bid to restart work for Indian corporates. Presently, the situation can be  broadly classified into three categories:

New offices: The new six-feet norm needs to be implemented in offices. The collaborative segment can have mobile workstations and discussion boards. The same desk can be used for working and for meetings. Unlike fixed screens for projectors or LED screens on the wall, mobile jam boards or equivalent could be put into usage.

Retrofitting: Sanitization kiosks and consoles, floor markers for unidirectional movement inside offices, and a disinfecting kit with essentials such as a mask and disinfecting spray, a hand sanitizer need to be present in offices. Desktops need to be replaced by laptops so that a flexible seating plan is derived. Furthermore, this will ensure optimum utilization of the slightly underused spaces such as conference rooms, breakout spaces, or cafeterias. Extra chairs may be removed, and a glass clip on partitions can be added to workstations.

Real estate footprint recalibration: With the new social distancing norms settling in, one needs more floor area to accommodate the same functions as before, which amounts to approximately 50% additional area. Given the nature of the real estate business in India, currently, not many people want to invest in it. Thus, the Work from Home options in India balances the necessity of a larger space. Another option that seems lucrative to most architecture companies in India is setting up smaller satellite offices, instead of bringing everyone into one huge building. Leasing contract modules would also undergo an amendment – a 3+3+3 module might not be the new way ahead. Shorter lease periods could demand higher rent and longer ones – lower.

Change is the only constant. Hence, it is time to rethink, reconfigure, re-plan, and reboot!