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Envisage Projects

A lot can be played around with design styles to create a contemporary home— from mixing up vintage items to taking the minimalist route; the options are endless. 

The popular Indian vintage style is influenced by 100-150 years old colonial architecture; elements like a jhula, a mix of wooden and upholstered seating, and panelled walls are elegant additions to a contemporary style home. Bohemian interiors are a great option for those who prefer the freedom of flexibility in their spaces. This can be enhanced with elements like light Scandanavian furniture that can be moved around, casual styling of mixed and matched throws and cushions, Macrame wall hangings and adding personal things on open shelves etc. A bohemian-styled house is constantly evolving, perfect for travel enthusiasts and art collectors alike. 

Contemporary interior design can also draw inspiration from Art Deco— synonymous with rich finishes, gold embellishments and decadent detail work. For people aspiring to create a bold and rich impact in their homes, incorporating Art Deco elements is a great option. Even European classic style relies heavily on intricate detailing, beautiful mouldings and woodwork, carvings and panelings, an excellent choice for people with a good eye for details. Lighting also plays a vital role in this interior style, with chandeliers, lamps and incandescent lights taking centre stage. 

A unique style called the Industrial style includes bold elements like dark brown and black shades combined with leather, exposed brickwork and graffiti art. Inspired by the rustic ambience of industries, this style generally opted for bachelor pads, and restaurants also include exposed pipes and sprinklers, concrete floors and vintage furniture and accessories. Contemporary interior design has many options to choose from, blending styles and drawing inspiration from old and newer design ideas. Basis a person’s personality and design thinking, design can then be moulded and developed into one’s own version.